Kirkham Michael Consulting Engineers
Kirkham Michael Consulting Engineers


Quiet Zone Solutions

Kirkham Michael is a leader in developing quiet zones. We can also assist your community with rail safety and mitigation. Our services include:

Quiet Zone Services

  • Identify potential quiet zones
  • Conduct on-site diagnostic field work
  • Update US DOT Crossing Inventory Forms
  • Submit formal FRA quiet zone application and acquire approval
  • Evaluate quiet zone risk indices
  • Prepare conceptual layouts for supplemental safety measures (SSMs) at rail crossings
  • Provide public outreach and public education materials
  • Negotiate issues with state, local, and rail officials on behalf of your city or county
  • Traffic control, operations analysis, and intersection planning
  • Prepare traffic impact studies and coordinate noise testing

rail safety and mitigation Services

  • Grade separation design
  • Signal crossing design
  • Operational analysis and intersection planning


Quiet Zone